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Both designing and manufacturing skills

Kiomi Syrah Cheap Syrah Cheap For Kiomi For Jumper Jumper Bene Solutions has always focused on developing the skills of its subsidiary design office Bene Ingéniérie, with its multi-skill team specialized in mechanics, automation and robotics; the design office is the strong arm of Bene Solutions to provide its customers with completely integrated proposals/solutions.

The design office uses the highest performing IT tools to carry out projects from draft to the delivery phases and adapts to its customers’ software in order to ensure thorough customer/design office penetrability which is the guarantee of an efficient continuous relationship.

With both designing and manufacturing skills, Bene Solutions can meet extremely short lead times whilst providing appropriate design and solutions.

Bene Solutions can also rely on its Romanian subsidiary CESI to meet low production cost requirements for uncomplicated parts.

Our experience and multi-skill team of fitters validates the assembly processes in our facilities; once the processes have been validated, we carry out the relevant installation and setting up/tuning operations worldwide.

Syrah Kiomi Kiomi Cheap Jumper For Cheap For Syrah Jumper Syrah Syrah Kiomi For Cheap Jumper For Jumper Kiomi Cheap Industrial integration can be split into four main categories: tooling, special machines, robotics, assembly lines.

Kiomi For Cheap Syrah Kiomi Jumper Syrah For Jumper Cheap Tooling

For Kiomi Cheap Syrah Cheap Jumper Syrah Jumper Kiomi For These accurate types of equipment, often mechanical, are perfectly in line with Bene Solutions knowhow.

We carry out highly technical projects with very tight tolerances in various fields – molding, machining, presses. Bene Solutions uses principles in order to be a recognized reliable subcontractor of the most high-tech industries. We always take into account the customer’s technical and cost related interests and requirements throughout the project i.e. design, development, manufacturing and installation phases.

We enhance the performance of the equipment with “intelligent” devices i.e. sensors to check presence, temperature, pressure, torque which make the production processes highly reliable.

Special machines

For Cheap Kiomi Jumper Cheap Syrah Syrah For Kiomi Jumper Our knowhow and experience in automation, design and machining are perfectly adapted to the special machine sector.

Bene Solutions has designed, manufactured and implemented many industrial processes in all lines of business. Our range of achievements is wide in terms of size and scope of applications e.g. solutions for dosing, packaging, drilling, welding, weighing, pressurizing, inspection, sighting operations.

This activity has no sectorial limit- it matches the diversity of our markets.


For Bene Solutions, robotics has many faces and we carry out as many cobotic as industrial robotic projects.

Bene Ingénierie is an « INTEGRATOR » qualified by UNIVERSAL ROBOTS, the world leader in cobotics. We integrate all sorts of robots e.g. YASKAWA, KUKA, FANUC, STAUBLI and so on.

The scope of applications is wide from part handling to machining, welding, screwing, gluing etc.

For Syrah Cheap Jumper Jumper Kiomi Kiomi For Cheap Syrah Jumper Cheap For For Syrah Jumper Syrah Kiomi Cheap Kiomi Assembly lines

Bene Solutions designs complete assembly lines thanks to its know-how and long standing experience in mechanics, automation and robotics.

This strict line of business which requires thorough control over the various stages of the process with its tack time and reliability requirements has been developed by our dedicated departments and validated by many various achievements.

This line of business is not specific to a privileged field of application – Bene Solutions has supplied assembly lines for applications such as aeronautics, power generation, capital goods, automotive industry, railways, steel industry, etc.

Syrah Cheap Cheap For Syrah Jumper Jumper Kiomi For Kiomi loading

Material & care

Outer fabric material: 70% acrylic, 30% polyester

Fabric: Knit

Care instructions: Do not tumble dry, machine wash at 30°C, Machine wash on gentle cycle


Neckline: Crew neck

Pattern: Plain

Article number: K4421I035-G11