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Il pomeriggio non si sa mai bene cosa fare

by Peter Kernel

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released February 7, 2011

on vinyl 12inch / 300 copies

Beware, for some this project may result to be rather harsh and cacophonic, but we really love it. It took us more than a year to make it.

Il pomeriggio non si sa mai bene cosa fare is an attempt to create an instrument that generates inspiration. The experiment is divided in two parts; the audio part, which acts as component; and the visual part, which acts as conductor. In its integrity the experiment relies on one power; human beings. It’s a people’s project. Through the spectators imagination the sound completes the black frames of the moving images, and the moving images stimulate an alternative to what one is actually watching.

This process generates a personal film depending on the individual human experience.


In July 2009 Peter Kernel recorded the audio part. These recordings were conceived through pure improvisation and gathered in studio a number of special guests, who spontaneous added on to the "soundtrack". The special guests are: Jeremiah Klinger from Gregor Samsa, Francesca lago, John from The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company, Gionata, Yuri, Bart from Cosmetic and a special introduction made in italian by Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade. This audio part will be published on 12" vinyl in 300 copies (+ free mp3 downloading code). It will not be distributed. It will be sold online and at the concerts.


Sound inspires image. A black projection accompanied by the "soundtrack" defines a frame in which the viewers are free to compose their film. Every few minutes a circa 2 second visual “tip” or “hint” cuts-in, giving a boost to the imaginary, reminding the listener to remain active. It's called "Man & Nature". Inside the vinyl there will be all the infos to access to watch the video online.

“We made the soundtrack, now you make the film. This is an attempt to inspire.”

Peter Kernel


all rights reserved

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Material & care

Outer fabric material: 93% silk, 4% viscose, 3% polyester

Care instructions: Dry clean only


Pattern: Polka dot

Article number: ET852R005-Q11